1400 HP, $320,000 Chevy Camaro???

Seriously, who has the money to do this?  What you see before you is a 1400hp $320,000 beast of a Camaro.  This guy from Newbrunswick, Canada, Serge Leger decided to have a speed shop take out the L99 motor for a 454c.i. lsx.  He ditched the independent rear suspension for a solid rear axle and ladder bar suspension.  Well he did a few other things on top of all this.  3800 man hours and $320,000 later, you have this.  I can’t wait for a vid of it tearing up the streets.  Here’s the full list of parts on the car.

Turbonetics hybrid 91mm
Twin Turbonetics Duo 35 Blow-off Valves
Twin Turbonetics RG 45 Wastegates
Twin Spearco cores with custom end tanks
Vibrant Piping used was all 304 stainless
Custom 5-inch downpipe
Custom 3-inch dual exhaust
Custom aluminum sheet metal intake manifold
Custom exhaust manifolds
Custom charge piping
Flex-A-Lite radiator and fan combo
Custom stainless coolant piping
Custom transmission and oil cooling radiators and lines
Injectors 2150cc Fuel injector clinic
Aeromotive A1000 (x2)
Aeromotive pro series EFI FPR
Aeromotive fuel controller
Earl’s SS lines
custom fab fuel rail
custom built aluminum fuel cell with scavenger built in

TCI custom built 4l80e Transmission and stall torque converter
custom back half Carbon Fiber tub
custom made 4 link trailing arms
factory unibody rails extended and strengthened
Moser 9-inch rear end fabricated to accommodate rear suspension parts
Moser axles
custom driveshaft
shaved holes and smoothed undercarriage …all painted
QA1 coilovers

STRUT 22×10-inch front with 3-inch
STRUT 24×15-inch rear with 7-inch
Pirelli P Zero 265/35R22 front
Pirelli P Zero 405/25R24 rear
Baer 6-piston 355mm all around

Custom fabricated and reupholstered front seats
Custom fabricated rear seats
Reshaped door panels for speakers
Custom headliner
Custom rear inner quarter panels
Redesigned dash and center console (relocated factory heater and controls)
Auto Meter gauges: fuel, boost, wideband, oil pressure
Imported Italian leather with custom hand stitched (baseball stitch) interior
Custom integrated roll cage with seat belt inserts
Sparco 5-point front harnesses
Sparco 4-point rear seat belt
Carbon by design hood
Carbon by design trunk
Carbon by design radiator cover
Custom carbon panels in trunk, floor, rear tubs etc.
Custom carbon wing (pro stock style)
Custom carbon rear bumper diffuser
Custom Carbon Rear Tub

Custom side skirts dropped 1 1/2 front 3 1/2 rear (to accommodate difference in tire height)
Channelled rocker and floor to accommodate side exhaust
Redesigned custom front bumper
Redesigned custom rear bumper
STRUT Carbon fiber Camaro Front Grille
Shaved side markers front and back
Custom PPG Nexa water based black cherry paint

Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT – Flagship In-Dash Navigation AV Receiver with DVD Playback and Built-In Bluetooth
Pioneer Premier:
TS-C720PRS 6.75-inch Component Speaker Package
PRS-A900 4-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier
PRS-D2000SPL Competition-Level SPL Class D Mono Amplifier
TS-SW1201S2|S4 12-inch Shallow-Mount Subwoofer (x4)
ND-BC20PA Rear View Camera with Visual DSP
Apple Mac Mini with 3G and WiFi

Build to finished product pics:

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STS ZR7, The ZR1 stomper!

Ok.  So after looking at everything for the STS Turbo GTO kit.  I found this sweet little gem.  The STS ZR7 Corvette!  I bet you didn’t even know this thing existed.  This car is amazing.  We’ve all heard of the ZR1.  The ZR1 is great and all, but let’s be honest, it looks like a Z06.  What’s so special about it?  You would have to be a Corvette connoisseur to really know if you were looking at a Z06 or a ZR1 from a distance.  Well in comes the ZR7.  STS has pretty much smacked GM in the face.  Rumor has it that the ZR1 was originally suppose to be a twin-turbo car, but GM kept setting the prototype on fire.  So they ended up with a top-mount supercharger.  I think that they should have kept the twin-turbo setup, as long as they kept down the flames.  Well guess who did figure out the twin-turbo setup on a Corvette?  STS!  This car has a rear-mount twin-turbo setup. Photo Courtesy www.vetteweb.com

Now you may ask yourself, “Why name it ZR7?”.  Well as Rick Squires owner of STS explains: ‘Z’ is for the performance history of the many great ‘Z-badged’ GM vehicles. ‘R’ for the race-proven suspension setup and power delivery, and ‘7’ is for the car’s 700-plus hp.”

So what we have here is a 700-plus horsepower Corvette that stomps the ZR1 and most factory cars on the road.  Under the hood of this behemoth is a pretty much stock LS3 6.2L V8.  Cometic head gaskets help to lower the compression ratio to 10.1:1, helping to keep down the risk of detonation and guaranteeing it will be reliable.   Stock factory cylinder heads have been upgraded with Comp Cams 918 valvesprings, titanium retainers, and pushrods. The factory exhaust system is pretty well kept stock, including the catalytic converters, with the turbos replacing the stock mufflers.  The factory exhaust manifolds are given a ceramic coating to help keep exhaust temps lower under the hood.

Rick took his own personal C6 LS3 Corvette and created this ZR1 beating monster.  Now some say the looks are a bit too racy.  But isn’t that what you want?  Do you really want a car that can beat a Ford GT, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Audi R8 and looks like a plain old Corvette?  Don’t get me wrong, Corvettes look great, but for $130k I better be getting a car that will make people get whiplash from trying to keep their eyes on it as it passes by.

STS puts one of its own Twin-Turbo systems to good use under the back of the Vette’.  With two 59mm Ball Bearing Turbos replacing the stock mufflers.  Two 9in conical air intakes mounted up inside the rear bumper out of harms way.  On STS’s first prototype boost is limited using two of STS’s 38mm wastegates to 8.5lbs of boost.  LIMITED.  It can handle more.  Along with a 50mm blow-off valve to hear the beautiful noise between each gear shift.

The ZR7 also uses two very large dual-feed front-mount intercoolers to reduce intake temps to almost ambient.  Fast 65lb/hr fuel injectors supply all the needed fuel.

The mass air flow system is replaced by a two-bar speed density system to help the HP-Tuners re-worked Engine Management system.  Along with a set of NGK TR6 spark plugs to upgrade the ignition system.

WHAT ABOUT LAG?!?!?!  Forget it.  There really isn’t any lag.  Look at the Dyno Sheet photos below to see where the “Lag” is.

First up the ZR1 Dyno Sheet.  This is wheel horsepower.  You can see that the factory ZR1 hits full power at 4k rpm’s.

Photo courtesy forums.corvetteforum.com

Now let’s see how the STS Zr7 compares.  Once again, this is wheel horsepower.  The ZR7 hits full power at 3600 rpm’s.

Photo courtesy www.vetteweb.com

The ZR7 does have less power from the get go.  The ZR1 manages to put down roughly 420hp from the start compared to the ZR7’s 300hp.  However the ZR7 also has 100 more torque.

With all this new power, the ZR7 gets from 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds and runs the quarter-mile in 10.8 seconds.  Along with a top-speed of 220mph.

What about drivetrain?  There are only two upgrades to the drivetrain.  A Fidanza twin-disc clutch and aluminum fly-wheel.  Brawny Pfadt engine and transmission mounts are also used to aid the added power.

If you manage to keep your foot out of the gas you can get 24-mpg in the city and 36-mpg on the highway.  24/36mpg.  Amazing.  Emissions down by 75% also.  Take that you tree huggers!

I’ve got all this new power taking me to break neck speed limits, but what about stopping power?  STS put Baer 14-inch rotors front and rear, along with Baer 6-piston calipers.

Photo courtesy www.vetteweb.com

It can go fast straight, but can it turn fast?  Well STS decided to put Pfadt Race Engineering sway bars and adjustable coilovers as well.  With this setup the ZR7 has reached more than 1.2g’s on the skidpad.  Hold on Bessy!

Photo courtesy www.vetteweb.com

Now back to that appearance.  The wide-body kit allows for almost 6 inches more of width.  Kindigit Design created the wide-body kit.  They also put on a Hi-Tech Custom Concepts hood.  The kit isn’t just for looks either.  It allows better aerodynamics, better air-flow to the intercoolers, and increased venting for the brakes and turbos in the rear.

The wheels are 19×9.5in front and 20x12in in the rear Bespoke STS ZR7 three-piece forged aluminum.  They are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 ZP (same as the ZR1).

Interior is largely unchanged.  Some ZR7 badges are put in there, along with some needed gauges to monitor the the new performance upgrades.  The coolest thing interior wise is probably the optional Palmer Performance DashCommand program run through an iPod. You can display and data-log critical engine parameters, display and clear trouble codes, and record performance at the dragstrip and racetrack.

All in all, the ZR7 is simply amazing.  You can get all this for a mere $129,900.  Imagine this, you pull up to a stop-light.  To the right you see another Corvette.  You are driving your ZR7.  The guy to the right rolls down his window and prompts you to do the same.  He knows you have a Vette’ but he has to know what kind it is, it looks different from anything he’s ever seen.  You tell him, then he mentions, “Mines a ZR1!”.  You say, “Cool.  Wanna race?”.  That’s where the difference is.  He knew you had a special car, you couldn’t even tell he had a $130k ZR1.  Next thing he knows, your blowing off his doors.  Keep in mind, you can always turn up the boost on your ZR7.  He has to get a different pulley to get more boost in his ZR7.  In my book, the score is “ZR7” 1 and the “ZR1” 0.

Here’s a clip of the ZR7 at SEMA.  Video Courtesy http://www.StreetLegalTV.com

If you want more information on the STS ZR7 or putting an STS Turbo kit on your vehicle, then head over to www. ststurbo.com or call 801.224.3477 and ask for Dallin Ah-Mu.

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So I’ve been thinking for a while now to go forced induction(i.e. Turbo or Supercharger) on the GTO.  I have been leaning towards going with a supercharger for a really long time.  They sound amazing, give gobs and gobs of power as soon as I touch the pedal.  The only problem?  Gas Mileage.  The GTO is my daily driver.  I already get horrible awful gas mileage.  ALSO, its pretty expensive to go faster and get more power with a supercharger.  SOOOOOO I’ve decided on a TURBO.  Most people would say, but a turbo will cause too much heat under the hood.  You would be correct sir.  BUT not all turbo systems do.  STS Turbos has eliminated the under hood hot air temps.  Also they have the sickest sound in the world.  It literally sounds like a jet engine.  It’s amazing.  The turbo is located in the rear of the vehicle.  It’s going to replace my muffler.  OH! and get this, its C.A.R.B. Legal.  I’ll pass emissions!  It’s not expensive to upgrade the power and speed with a turbo.  I could eventually hit the max of the turbo, but nowhere near as soon as I would with a supercharger.  The price is close to the same too.  Now what about the gas mileage?  Well if I’m in “BOOST” then yes, I will get less MPG’s, but if I stay out of the gas pedal and just cruise easily, I’ll be able to get better gas mileage.  Some people with the same motor and turbo setup are getting 40mpg on the highway in 6th gear.  I can even upgrade to Ball-Bearing turbos for less maintenance.  I’m pretty excited.  Now I just have to save up and get the kit.  I’ll be installing it on my own.  Stay tuned to see what happens!  See a vid of a STS Turbo GTO after the jump.

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